Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Dogs!

The little dogs were so happy to finally get a haircut, after such a long winter with their long hair.  The new-to-us groomer had said that our dogs' breeds didn't need to be groomed, and that long hair doesn't affect their body heat.  What?  Of course it does, because Mikey was getting so hairy that he couldn't even come in the house for much longer than to eat before he would just sit there and pant endlessly.  So they were much hotter with their winter coats on, and plus they look so much cuter with their haircuts.  Minnie is much happier to lay in the sun now too, instead of only laying in the shade.  Our big lab loves the warmer weather too.  She loves to play fetch and when she gets too hot, she goes for a swim in the pond.  Deb :)

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